Texas Dispatcher Training Requirements

Thanks to the anonymous faxer who sent us this information on Texas dispatcher training requirements:

On January 9, 2000 the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement Officer Standards and Education Certification Program for Telecommunicator Proficiency became effective. It provides three levels of certification: basic, intermediate and advanced. A telecommunicator must make application to TCLEOSE in order to receive certification.

The Basic Certification is mandatory for all operators and must be attained within the first 12 months of employment in order to comply with NCIC policy. It requires a 40-hour basic telecommunicator course.

The Intermediate Certification is voluntary. The applicant must have two years experience and 120 hours of training. If the applicant received the basic telecommunicator certificate/acknowledgement on or after Jan. 1, 2000, four of the five courses must also be completed:

Cultural diversity 3939

Ethics for law enforcement 3920 or 3925

Crisis communications (available in 2001)

TCIC/NCIC for full access operators, 3802; NLETS/TLETS,3809; or Criminal Law, 3100

Spanish for Law Enforcement course, 3109 or 3110

The Advanced Certificate is also voluntary. The applicant must have the intermediate telecommunicator certificate, four years of experience and 240 hours of training.

As this is a new program, the requirements for certification levels are subject to change, but were effective when the program started in 2000.

Applicants should also be aware that any college credit can be submitted to TCLEOSE for training hour credits.

Applications can be obtained from Kris Faldyn, TCLEOSE Licensing and Records at (512) 936-7771 or fax (512) 936-7714. Or visit their Web site for forms.

TCLEOSE rules and regulations, See Section 221.28 [Adobe Acrobat pdf format, 171k]

[Texas 40-hour training curriculum - Acrobat pdf, 95k]

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