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Reel #16

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  • Parent murders – In Dec. 2010 a Naples (Fla.) 14 year-old shot and killed his parents at their home, and then dialed 911. He did not provided a motive or explanation during the call. In July 2012 he pled no contest and was sentenced as an adult to 20 years in prison.
  • Stabbing – In July 2012 an intoxicated man tried to break into the Flat Rock (NC) home that he’d voluntarily during a sheriff’s visit several hours earlier. The female caller described the situation and eventually stabbed the man when he broke in. (5 minutes of a 16-minute call)
  • Officer shooting – In July 2012 Broomfield (Colo.) police officers shot and killed a 21 year-old man who was distraught and was carrying an Airsoft replica pistol. The man’s younger brother had dialed 911 minutes earlier and explained the situation, including that Kyle Miller was carrying the replica.
  • Murder 911 call – In July 2012 a man in Alliance (Ohio) dialed 911 and confessed that he had strangled his girlfriend. Arriving police arrested Randy Ring without incident.
  • Alligator attack – In July 2012 a 17 year-old boy in Moore Haven (Fla.) was attacked by an alligator while swimming in a river, and his arm was bitten off. A nearby teen dialed 911 to report the incident.
  • Found body – In July 2012 a construction worker stopped along an isolated road in Dare County (Ohio), and spotted a suspicious plastic bag. He investigated and saw a body inside, then dialed 911. Deputies recovered the body of Lynn Jackenheimer, 33, who they say was killed by her estranged boyfriend during a vacation from Ohio.
  • Theater murders – In July 2012 a man entered an Aurora (Colo.) movie theater showing “Batman” and used three weapons to shoot 71 people, killing 12 of them. [There are three logging tapes, each 30 minutes long. The tapes were recorded in 2-channel stereo, with fire/EMS on the left, Aurora Police on the right. The incident begins just before the 28-minute mark on the first tape.) Tape #1 / #2 / #3
  • Multiple murders – On August 5, 2012 a man entered an Oak Creek (Wisc.) Sikh temple and shot nine people, six fatally. A OPD officer was shot 10 times but survived, and the gunman was killed by another officer during a gunfight. Several people dialed 911 and reached the Milwaukee County sheriff’s comm center. Also listen to the 911 logging tapes released by the Oak Creek Police Department.
  • Manhole fall – In August 2012 a woman in Palatine (Ill.) fell into an uncovered manhole, then dialed 911 for help. It took emergency crews about 10 minutes to locate her, and she was bruised but unharmed.
  • Hospital shooting – In August 2012 a man came into Akron (Ohio) Medical Center, approached his wife in a hospital bed, and fatally shot her. Several people dialed 911, including a hospital staffer. John Wise was arrested without incident and is charged with murder.
  • Multiple murders – In August 2012 a man walked into a Sikh temple in Oak Creek (Mich.) and fatally shot six people, wounded at least four others, and then fatally shot himself. The Milwaukee County sheriff released the logging tapes of the 911 calls they received.
  • Murder-suicide – In August 2012 a Camden (NJ) woman fatally stabbed her 2 year-old child, and then dialed 911 to admit the crime. Before police could enter the house, the woman fatally stabbed herself.
  • Murder – In August 2012 a Corbin (Ken.) man shot and killed his daughter’s boyfriend, whom he claimed had been beating his daughter over the past months. William Cox dialed 911 to confess to the crime, and officers arrested him without incident.
  • Intruder shot – In August 2012 a Clark County (Wash.) couple were asleep at home when a man entered an unlocked rear door. The couple locked themselves in their bedroom as the man tried to break into the room. The male resident armed himself with a .22-cal. handgun and fatally shot the intruder during a 911 to dispatcher at the Clark Regional Emergency Services Agency.
  • Supermarket shootings – In August 2012 an ex-soldier working at an Old Bridge (NJ) supermarket for two weeks armed himself with an AK-47 and fatally shot two employees, and the killed himself with a handgun. Several employees dialed 911 for help.
  • Heart attack CPR – In Sept. 2012 Washington County (Ore.) 911 dispatcher Rita McQuiston fielded a call from a woman whose husband had suffered a heart attack. McQuiston provided CPR instructions while EMS units were enroute. The husband survived, and later the couple met McQuiston.
  • Off-duty officer shooting – In Sept. 2012 an off-duty Miami-Date (Fla.) officer working a security detail was robbed by three men and then shot. Off. Herman Joseph managed to dial 911 for help despite his wound.
  • Resident shot by police – In Sept. 2012 an Altavista (Virg.) resident dialed 911 for some reason, then hung up. Police responded to investigate, and encountered the 83 year-old resident armed with a handgun. Police believe she felt the police were intruders outside her home. Dispatchers tried several times to call her back to tell her the police were outside. However, when she pointed the gun at officers, she was fatally shot. Read more about the incident here.
  • Family murders – In Oct. 2012 a 15 year-old boy in Parker County (Tex.) dialed 911 to confess that he had fatally shot his sister and mother with a .22-cal. revolver. An unnamed sheriff’s dispatcher fielded the call and stayed on the line for 25 minutes as deputies drove to the house in a gated community. Jake Evans safely surrendered and was charged with murder.
  • Missing child – In Nov. 2012 a Cleveland (Ohio) woman dialed 911 to report her 3 year-old son was missing from a city park. Camilia Terry her son Emilliano was last seen on the swing set. However, Terry’s statements were inconsistent, and evidence pointed to her home’s weekly trash pick-up. Police searched the truck’s contents a day later and located the body of her son inside plastic bags. He died of a skull fracture.
  • Knife carving – In Dec. 2012 a Richland Hills (Tex.) man dialed 911 to report that he had “shed innocent blood.” the man admitted he carved a pentagram onto the back of his 6 year-old son. Police arrived and arrested Brent Bartel, and took his son to the hospital.
  • Plane crash – In Jan. 2013 a small plane crashed into the Hudson River north of New York City. The 911 call was fielded by Westchester County ECC dispatcher Melissa Seymour, who told the two occupants to leave the plane. Both people were rescued by police officers in boats.
  • CPR 911 call – In March 2013 a nurse from an independent living facility in Bakersfield (Calif.) dialed 911 when an elderly woman collapsed. The facilities business policy is not to render any medical aid to victims, but only to dial 911. In this case a Bakersfield fire dispatcher pleaded with the caller to have someone start CPR, even a bystander. However, no one did, and the resident died later in a hospital.
  • Suicidal caller – In April 2013 a 69 year-old man shot and killed his son and daughter, then dialed 911. City of Puyallup dispatcher Pamela Mandery answered the call and talked to the man for 10 minutes until officers, convincing him to surrender. Mandery later talked about the incident with a reporter. 
  • CPR call – In Jan. 2013 a 3 year-old autistic boy stopped breathing in Ector County (Odessa, Tex.), and the mother dialed 911. A county dispatcher gave her CPR instructions over the next 22 minutes while EMS units responded. The coroner ruled the death of Maxim Shatto as accidental. 
  • Carbon monoxide deaths – In April 2013 three men were off-roading in rural W. Virginia when their vehicle became stuck in mud. The tailpipe became clogged, the vehicle filled with carbon monoxide and the three men were overcome and died. They were later discovered by a group searching for them, and a searcher dialed Kanawha County 911. One of the men was Shain Gandee, a reality TV cast member.