Example - Annual Evaluation
Exceeds Expectations

In the following evaluation, the references in parentheses are to a the full performance evaluation (for example / pdf).

During the period of this performance appraisal Dispatcher Xxxxx worked shift B. She was always on time, in uniform and enthusiastic about the job.

Xxxxx always organizes her tasks and, as a result, produces an above-average amount work that is on-time, accurate and meets all departmental standards (A1, A2, A3). She always sets her priorities correctly, and in conformance with the department's goals (A5). Her judgment on all dispatching matter is sound and based on her years of experience and thorough knowledge of the department's policies and procedures (A7).

Xxxxx is particularly resourceful when handling incidents that require long-term and thorough work. For example, on October 5 Xxxxx took a call from an Xxxxxx resident who had received a call from a total stranger threatening suicide. Xxxxx kept the caller on one line and suggested questions that might calm the suicidal caller and reveal his location, and requested a trace from the telephone company on another line. When the telephone reported the caller lived in Central City, Xxxxx contacted the police department there and learned the address was incorrect. She then ran the telephone subscriber's driver's license and found the correct address, and relayed it to Central City PD. It took almost 40 minutes for Xxxxx to complete the incident--which didn't ultimately involve our city--but never considered it was outside her scope of duties.

On another occasion, Xxxxx fielded a call from a person who reported a suicidal friend. Instead of referring the caller to another agency, she spent 10 minutes trying to determine the suicidal person's location and the proper police jurisdiction to contact. Once she was successful, she obtained the information from the caller and called the Xxxxx Xxxxx Police Department herself, so the information would be properly acted upon. Her persistence expedited an emergency response to assist this person.

On a third occasion in November, Xxxxx took a call from the theft victim, who reported a neighbor took his license plate. The incident escalated when the victim threatened to retrieve a rifle and go outside. Xxxxx gave the man firm instructions to stay inside and unarmed, and called back several times when the man hung up on her. She was finally able to contact the man, convince him to put the rifle down, and then arranged the surrender of the man to police without injury.

Dispatcher Xxxxx is very adept at absorbing new information, such as revisions or additions to departmental policies and procedures (A8). She is particularly skilled in foreseeing the possible consequences of changes, and I rely on her opinions when providing feedback on how new or revised programs are working.

Xxxxx always follows proper policies and procedures, and is an effective communicator in oral and written communications (B1, B 2). In August she received a commendation from a citizen, who appreciated the way Xxxxx handled her report that her son was missing. The citizen commended Xxxxx' pertinent questioning and reassurance that officers were responding, which made her feel confident in the police department and its abilities.

Xxxxx in conscientious when learning new tasks or responsibilities (C1). She never needs direction on how to perform her job, but is not reluctant to ask questions on the best way to proceed (C2).

She maintains a good relationship with other members of the shift and handles inter-personal matters with poise. During one shift, another PSD made a remark that Xxxxx felt was inappropriate. She asked the PSD to stop the conduct, without making a scene, demeaning the other PSD, or disrupting the workplace (D1).

She is always energetic about the job and adjusts to the constantly changing dispatch environment (D2, D3).

Overall, Dispatcher Xxxxx performance exceeds requirements.