The 'Movie Star' Board

The Sacramento County (Calif.) Regional Fire/EMS Communications Center celebrated National Public Safety Telecommunicator Week in 2003 by setting up a special signboard titled, "The Stars Among Us." The board listed each dispatcher and their talents. The board was created by the A-squad day shift, and reportedly the "power horses" behind the creation were dispatchers Rae Olk and Joe Thuesen, with help from others on the shift.

This very-visible board, and the positive write-ups are an indication of the dispatchers' respect for each other, and a great way to celebrate the strengths that everyone brings to the comm center. [Thanks to Tina Dungan for providing this information.] 5-8-2003

Kylee - "G.I. Jane"

Kylee is not your typical "strong chick." She is confident and secure in her decisions, and isn't afraid to let everyone know on her shift that she expects the best, and holds the same high standards to herself. Kylee is able to balance the role of supervisor and friend easily, and enjoys being social with her co-workers off-duty. Her abilities as a dispatcher are spectacular, and her dedication to the job is transferrred to those that work for her. We salute you, Kylee Ballinger, for "Being all that you can be!"

Jolie - "The Gambler"

Jolie is an experienced dispatcher that doesn't take a chance with the public's safety. Jolie keeps her cards close and doesn't allows for any bluffs. Her ability to handle over ten years of dispatching shows that she is a winner. Thanks for playing, an we wish you good luck always.

Summer - "The Rock"

Summer is as constant as the day is long. She is an island standing in an ocean of chaos. She is never sick and never late. She brings a positive attitude and keeps that same positive attitude throughout the day. Without Summer we wouldn't even know where to sit! We know that Summer upholds the value of service for all, and we respect that about her. Her ability to see that the glass is half full is impressive. Keep up the great work and we hope you never lose that positive attitude and outlook; you truly are our "rock."

Debbie - "Jaws"

Debbie is the proverbial "Jaws" of life on every shift. Her strength lies in her experience and her ability to handle stressful situations. After 20+ years of dispatching experience, as well as being a trainer, Debbie knows when to step in and take a bit of the action, and when to back off. Her loyalty to her little sharks is something out of a hockey game. At a moment's notice she will drop the gloves and fight for what she believes to be right. We recognize her sense of duty and say "Thank You!"

Amy - "The Rookie"

Amy is fairly new to our organization, and we hope that as a "Rookie" she will make it to the big leagues some day. Hopefully not too long, because we need a few goo catchers! We believe that she will come through and crack the big one soon by making it all the way through training. Good luck, Amy, and swing away!

Tina - "M*A*S*H"

Tina is always there to rush right in and fix the wounds of any dispatcher. Her "radar" at finding what is needed in making the dispatch center livable is likened to a "Hawkeye." She never leaves those in need and always has a word of encouragement for those that need it. Without Tina's therapeutic ways, the dispatchers would be in constant need. Tina demonstrates the qualities of the Hippocratic oath in helping the community in many ways. Her self-sacrifice for others is highly commendable. Thank you for everything you do.

Debbie - "The Client"

As our Union Rep, Debbie takes the lead counsel for all of our issues. Throughout this past year Debbie has stood up as a champion of dispatcher causes. She continues each day to represent all dispatchers with a sense of fairness and respect. She knows that her self-sacrifice will pay off in e end for all dispatchers. Debbie Harris, you make the case! Thanks for all the years of dedication!

Dana - "Days of Thunder"

As soon as her shift starts, Dana is ready to "start her engine" and go as soon as the green flag drops. With a minimum of pit stops along the way, our veteran driver handles the bumps and curves of the track with grace and style, avoiding any accidents along the way. With over 10 years of being a driving force at SRFECC, she has experience that she shares with those she works with. Her quiet personality shows through loud and clear when the day is over and she has earned the checkered flag. We salute you Dana for handling your "Days of Thunder" like a Winston Cup Champion.

Peter - "Eyes Wide Shut"

As a supervisor, Peter follows the motto of allowing his dispatchers the latitude to follow their own course. Even though his eyes are always watching, he doesn't intervene unless asked or absolutely necessary. Peter knows the longer the "Cruise," the more his dispatchers become like a "Kid, Man." He respects that even though we can get silly and child-like, we know when it is time to get serious and take care of business. He knows how to bring out the best in us, and we respect his style and says thanks for the great job he does.

Lisa - "The Sixth Sense"

Lisa has been a dispatcher for a short time, but has a "sixth sense" with handling trouble. Those in need seem to gravitate to her, seeking her assistance. Lisa's creative personality and sense of humor is demonstrated in how she handles anything that comes her way with supernatural ease. Although Lisa lacks the "sixth sense" to be able to say "I see dead people," she definitely can say, "I hear dumb people :)" Lisa you do a great job, and we appreciate everything you do ... in our world and the supernatural world.

Donna - "Sweet Home Alabama"

This Southern girl is always there for "y'all" when you need her. Her sweet southern attitude is a must for any dispatch center. In her own quiet way, Donna leads by example in everything she does. Even though she acts like a rebel, Donna's heart is made of pure California gold. Donna does a great job consistently and we love her for that. When the chips are down and the guns are blazing, "Momma Donna" is there in her calm southern manner directing the action. Donna - Thank you for the great service that you provide the community each and every day.

Scott - "Big Daddy"

Scott is a giant among dispatchers. In his own fatherly way, Scott ensures that everyone is taken care of on his shift. He makes those around him feel comfortable even in the most awkward positions. Scott has over 10 years of experience and when the action gets going, "Father Knows Best" what to do. We appreciate all for the blood, sweat and tears, and its time to say Thanks. Thank you, Scott!

Linda - "Tin Cup"

Although relatively new to our golf course, Linda is familiar with the greens of dispatch. With many years of experience, Linda has proven that she is a pro, handling RPs, busy radio traffic, sand traps, and anything else that comes up well under par. From her putts to her drives, she is definitely a hold in one. No handicaps on her course, she is her own master. You go, Tiger!

Janell - "The Truth About Cats and Dogs"

Janell is the resident, in-house rescue hero of all casts, dogs and any other animals (and sometimes people). When we have an animal-related question, we all know that she can be counted on for an answer. Janell has taken it upon herself countless times to help those that cannot help themselves, and she truly knows the "Truth About Cats and Dogs." Her self-sacrificing nature is amazing, and she is known for her kindness everywhere. This combined with her cat-lie reflexes and dogged determination on the dispatch floor, make for a great co-worker and dispatcher. We appreciate your uniqueness, as well as what you do for the community. Keep up the good work!

Taramarie - "It's a Wonderful Life"

Every time the phone rings, Taramarie gets her wings and handles everything that is placed in front of her. No matter what the situation is, she never becomes frustrated and is always willing to sacrifice herself in order to show others how to get the job done. Taramarie, your "saving" ability is amazing to those lives you touch with your charming personality. Thank you for the wonderful work you do and always remember that you are important to us.

Rae - "Fried Green Tomatoes"

Rae exemplifies the sweetness and gentleness of Jessica Tandy, with a touch of Kathy Bates. Rae's desire to bring resolution and see both sides of an argument9s extraordinary and unmatched. Her positive attitude stands as a beacon for all of us that are surrounded by so much negativity. When the going gets tough, Rae stands her ground and says, "Bring it on!" Her abilities are impressive to say the least. We on A-Days are thankful that Rae is part of our team. Thanks for the great job!

Nancy - "The Professional"

Nancy is an outstanding dispatcher. Throughout her career, Nancy has always taken each mission like a sniper focuses in on the target - strong, steady and consistent. Nancy is not afraid to take on any project single-handedly and complete the mission accurately and to perfection. At times, Nancy is so focused in on the task that others will stand aside knowing that a professional is at work and will handle the job. She has demonstrated, in the proverbial sense, that when the going gets tough, the Professional takes'em out. Great job, Nancy, for all your work that you have done for SRFECC and the community.

Matt - "Top Gun"

Matt is considered as one of the "best of the best" supervisors. he has never "lost that loving feelin'" for his job or his dispatchers. Matt consistently brings out the best in everyone. He is constantly reminding all of the "big picture" and how they fit into the mission. Keep up the great job. We need more pilots like you at the supervisor controls. Thanks for all you do.

Tom - "League of Their Own"

Tom is in a league of his own when it comes to being a supervisor. He bats a thousand with his shift, and anytime someone need help, he is there to catch them if they drop the ball. Tom has an amazing ability communicate his intense passion to being a dispatcher. even though there is no "crying in dispatch," we all know that we can cry on his shoulder. His work ethos is an example to others that wish to follow in his footsteps. We wish to thank him for this and we hope that he keeps up the great job.

Glenn - "Die Hard"

Glenn is the epitome of all dispatchers. His grit and tenacity is legendary among all dispatchers. After 25 years of service, Glenn continues to be the best that he can be. His experiences are unmatched in Sacramento County. It has been said that he started in this business the same time that "God said let there be light." Now we all know that to be untruthful, since he looks so young and handsome, but only Glenn knows for sure... we congratulate Glenn for his dedication and we thank him for his many years of service and sacrifice.

Joe - "The Last Boy Scout"

Joe has worked on shifts that are mostly made up of women for the majority of his time here at fire dispatch, and for that alone he deserves a medal... or at the very least a vacation. Like a good Boy Scout, Joe is always prepared, whether it be to work a bust radio channel, or to fight for what is right to uphold the integrity of the shift. Joe's EMS skills are unrivaled, and perfect can actually be used to describe most, if not all of the 9-1-1 calls he has EMD'd throughout his career. Although they don't know it, the field units probably owe a great debt to Joe... for without him, many tis the time they would have suffered even more of a verbal lashing, or hexing, or whatever it is the rest of us feel appropriate at the time. And last, but not least, as the spokesman for all the men out there, he is here to reassure us that they are not all ridiculous! :)

Kate - "The Jewel of The Nile"

Kate is a diamond among many gems. When times get rough, Kate, our diamond, is always there to smooth things over. She uses infamous words of wisdom like, "Fill it out, pick it up, and walk it over." Kate offers the extra guidance when we need it... without you we would be like a ship lost on the sea .Thanks Kate, for the absolutely awesome job you do everyday, all year long!

Sue - "Vanilla Sky"

Sue is definitely the spice of her shift. With her peppery personality and sage advice, Sue keeps things flavorful at work. Her many years of experience and expertise are apparent, and Sue is generous with "thyme" and insight on many personal projects from needlecrafts to home buying, cooking or traveling. She is truly an all-around "Iron Chef" at SRFECC.

Julee - "Look Who's Talking - Too"

Julie has returned for a sequel with SRFECC. After 10 years away and many moves, Julee is back to bring her positive spirit and consistent work ethic back to us. Many veteran members remember Julee and are glad that she has been "born again." SRFECC may be different from when she left, but her coming back to us has been a refreshing reprieve from the difficulties of many "laborious" dispatch days. Thanks for all you do, Julee, welcome back, and keep up the fantastic job!

Barbara - "Legally Blonde"

Even though Barbara may be "Legally Blonde," her dispatching capabilities are always a hair above the rest. No matter what the situation is, Barbara comes prepared to handle the case too the letter of the law. Throughout her many years of experience, Barbara has learned to always stay on top of the workload. There is no dismissing this fore and former police dispatcher's abilities. We just want to say thanks and please keep the great job you do!

Lynn - "Miss Congeniality"

Although she is not currently Miss America, Lynn has the talent, grace and charisma to take the crown. Without a doubt most personnel on the line have no idea how much they would love to see her in the swimsuit competition. Her quiet demeanor and gentle ways are consistent, and appreciated by all those she works with. Lynn is an asset to all by keeping calm in those times of desperate need and chaotic change. We crown you our "Miss Congeniality," Lynn, and appreciate you showing us the adage of "beauty is only skin deep" is not true.

Jasen - "The Music Man"

Jasen has been with us for some time now, and definitely marches to the beat of his own drum. This beat is refreshing to those he works with and is melodic to the 9-1-1 callers. Even though there may be "76 Trombones" sounding around him, Jasen always keeps his focus on the task at hand. His outgoing and dynamic personality is always constant. We appreciate hard work in marching with this band. Keep up the good work. Thank you Jasen!