CAD Incident Codes

We encountered this list of CAD incident codes being used by a large city. The priority codes are number from least urgent (4) to most urgent (1), and the letter "E" for emergency. The incidents with the red star are those requiring an immediate broadcast by the radio dispatcher when the incident appears on the "pending incidents" CAD screen.

The "Code" is what the calltaker or radio dispatcher enters into the CAD field labeled, and the resulting "Priority" determines how quickly the incident must be dispatched to field units. In this particular CAD software, the length of the "Code" field is limited to six characters.

The Association of Public Safety Communications Officials (APCO) has posted a list (pdf) of incident type codes, standardized to allow simple data interchange among agencies using CAD.

Code Description Priority
ACCNO Accident - no info 1
ACCPD Accident/PD 4
ACCPI Accident/personal injury 1
ALARM Alarm 2
ALARMP Alarm/person E
ALARMH Alarm/hold-up E
ALMSTM Alarm/storm 2
ANIMAL Animal 4
ANIMIN Animal/in-progress E
ARSON Arson 2
ASSIST Assist 3
ATTSUI Attempted suicide 1
BARRIC Barricaded subject E
BURG Burglary 4
BURGIN Burglary in-progress E
CALL Call 1
CALLFH Call for help 1
CHECKP Check premises 4
CHILD Child 4
CHILIN Child/in-progress E
CIVIL Civil situation 3
CODE1 Code 1, received by phone E
CODE4 Code 4 E
CONFIN Confinement 1
CRIM Criminal mischief 4
CRIMIN Crime in-progress E
DOA Dead body 1
DISTUR Disturbance 1
DROWN Drowning E
ESCORT Escort 4
EVTECH Evidence technician incident 4
EXPLOS Explosion E
FIGHT Fight 1
FNDPER Found missing person 2
FORGER Forgery 4
FORGIN Forgery in-progress E
HARASS Harassment 4
HOLDUP Hold-up E
HOLDIN Holding 4
HOSTAG Hostage E
INVEST Investigation 4
JAILBR Jail break E
LOUDF Loud noise, music 3
MDNTAL Mental 2
MISPER Missing person 2
MOLEST Molesting 2
NARCOT Narcotics 3
NBC Nuclear, biological or chemical incident E
NOTIFY Notification 4
OVRDOS Overdose 1
PWP Patrol when possible, extra surveillance 4
PERS Person-related incident 4
PERSIN Person in-progress E
PERSHT Person shot E
PERSTB Person stabbed E
PROPER Property-related incident 4
RAPE Rape 3
RAPEIN Rape in-progress E
RA Request assistance E
ROBB Robbery 1
ROBBIN Robbery in-progress E
RUNWAY Runaway 4
SHOTS Shots fired E
SUICID Suicide 1
SUSPKG Suspicious package E
SWAT SWAT incident E
SWIM Swimmers E
TEST Test 4
THEFT Theft 4
THEFIN Theft in-progress E
TRAF Traffic 2
TRANS Transportation 4
TRESPA Trespass 3
VANDAL Vandalism 4
VEH Vehicle 4
VEHIN Vehicle in-progress E
VICE Vice 3
WARRAN Warrant 3
WRECK Wrecker ordered 4

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