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New Service Sends Email When Phone Dials 911

Subscribers to the Ooma Internet-based telephone service can now receive email notifications whenever someone dials 911 from their telephone. The service announced Tuesday is available with the company’s top-tier VoIP service, or as part of a $9.99 service add-on for other customers. The service is likely to generate phone calls to local comm centers from the notified people—anywhere on the planet—asking for an emergency response to their home. That process could be confusing and tedious for 911 calltakers. Up to three email addresses can be designated for the notification service, the company says. Ooma sells the $249 Telo device that connects phones to its VoIP network, and a monthly service that includes voicemail, on-line call logs, voicemail-to-text conversions, intelligent forwarding, conferencing and more.

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