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Post-Split Motorola Reports Higher Revenues

Just a month after Motorola split the company to help prevent slacking cellular handset sales from pulling down the company’s other divisions, the new company that includes radio and non-cellular gear unit reported its revenues increased compared to the same quarter of 2009. The new Motorola Solutions company includes public safety radio radios and pagers, barcode scanners, RFID gear and wireless equipment for a wide variety of industries. Sales for the fourth quarter of 2010 were $2.24 billion, up 13.2% for the same quarter of 2009. The company reported a profit of $279 million for the quarter, up 11.6% from 2009. In a conference call with financial analysts, company officials said government radio sales were up 9% during the quarter, helped by the introduction of the latest Astro-25 system with 50 new features, and the mid-tier APX radio series. Major radio contract wins during the quarter were with the state of Maryland, and with integrator SAIC for the U.S. Customs and Border Protection agency. Download (pdf) full fourth-quarter financial information here.

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