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Feds Have Located Plenty of Broadband Spectrum

A shortage of radio frequencies? What shortage? A just-completed federal study of available spectrum for wireless broadband found over 2,200 MHz of frequencies that could be repurposed, and 500 MHz that could be used within five years. The study by the National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) focused on the range of 225 MHz to 4400 MHz, which the agency believes offers sufficient bandwidth at the low end, and is of sufficient interest to commercial providers at the high end. The bands studied include several used by public safety agencies—the VHF/UHF television allocation, 406-420 MHz and the D Block of 700 MHz frequencies. The NTIA report sets out an elaborate, multi-agency timetable for reallocating the frequencies, focusing on regulatory, technical and policy issues. Download (pdf) the full report here.

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