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Sgt. Threatens Suicide, Yells at Dispatcher

A Port Richey (Fla.) police sergeant who threatened suicide in front of two fellow officers on April 1st was not ordered to undergo any psychiatric evaluation, and a week later had an outburst in the department’s comm center where he yelled at a dispatcher and threatened, “I swear to f—ing God I’m going to shoot myself in the head.” A story in the the St. Petersburg Times newspaper says Sgt. Robert Kern was still not removed from duty after the comm center incident nor ordered to undergo any evaluation. Chief Dave Brown says simply that Kern “has my trust.” Kern has been the subject of several complaints and has been disciplined 31 times over his 24 years, the newspaper notes, including two incidents last month. The newspaper notes that suicides among law enforcement officers are not uncommon. Specifically, the story noted a suicide by a Florida Highway Patrol officer earlier this month while the officer was on the phone with a dispatcher. Read the entire story here.

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