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Follow-Up: Dispatcher Disciplined for Response Delay

After an investigation into a response delay, a Rome-Floyd County (Geo.) 911 dispatcher has been suspended for two weeks without pay and demoted from supervisor to dispatcher. Renee Baldwin fielded telephone calls from a family who had received threatening phone calls from Robert Spriggs Jr., but she failed to dispatch officers to their location. Instead, she sent officers to the house from which she believed Spriggs was calling. But Spriggs had already left that location, where he shot and killed a man, and was enroute to the caller’s home, where he shot and wounded a second man. The decision not to send officers to the family created a nearly 30-minute delay, allowing Spriggs to arrive at the house well before police. Spriggs later surrendered to police and has been charged with murder and assault. Read more about the discipline here. Read a newspaper editorial on the incident here.

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