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Wireless Merger Includes 911 Requirements

The FCC has approved the two mergers of cellular carriers, but has conditioned their approval on all the carriers meeting county-level location accuracy requirements supported by NENA and APCO. The Commission approved the mergers of Verizon Wireless and Alltel, along with Sprint and Clearwire earlier this month. But as is usual, the FCC included many pages of conditions on the deals in order to protect the public interest, including public safety. One of those conditions focused on how cellular companies report the accuracy of their Phase II wireless systems, previously reported on a system-wide basis. More recently, NENA and APCO have asked for PSAP-level accuracy requirements, but have lately agreed to county-level reporting. In their merger approvals, the FCC said it imposed the conditions, “In light of the important public safety benefits to be derived from improved E911 location accuracy requirements and Verizon Wireless’s voluntary commitments in this proceeding.”

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