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M/A-COMM Says Radio System Ready for Tests

In the on-going saga of New York’s attempt to build a $2 billion state-wide public safety radio network, M/A-COMM says that the two-county test installation is ready for final acceptance testing. The state signed M/A-COMM in 2004 to build the system, and asked them to start in Erie and Chautauqua counties. The company built the system–way beyond schedule–but initial testing in early 2008 uncovered technical and administrative problems. An August 2008 state audit recommended the state pull the plug on M/A-COMM if the company couldn’t fix 19 contractual “deficiencies” identified by the audit. Now the company says it’s fixed the problems identified by the audit, and testing can go forward. State officials said they’ll begin testing Nov. 3rd, with a second round of full operational testing with agencies starting Dec. 2nd. The state will then make a decision on whether to accept the system, or cancel the contract. So far, the state has paid M/A-COMM about $60 million for the two-county system. Download (pdf) the state’s “Question and Answer” response to M/A-COMM’s announcement here.

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