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Georgia Woman Dies After Response Delay

Fulton County (Geo.) officials said an unnamed dispatcher has been fired after she misheard a street name during a 911 from a dying woman. Darlene Dukes, 39, died from a blood clot in her lungs, doctors said, but was able to dial 911 and talk for 18 minutes before she apparently lost consciousness. County officials said the calltaker heard Dukes’ street names as “Wells” instead of “Wales,” probably because Dukes was having breathing problems. The difference in street names meant the EMS units were dispatched to a location 28 miles away, leading to a nearly 30-minute response delay. Comm center officials said the 911 ANI/ALI screen indicated the city where the woman was, and the dispatcher should have noticed that information. Read more about the incident here, and listen to the entire 911 call here.

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