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LAPD Alarm Policies Not Working

A story in the Los Angeles Times newspaper noted that the city’s three year-old regulations on false burglary alarms initially lowered responses, but isn’t making any further headway on eliminating police activity. The police department responds to nearly 60,000 alarms a year, of which a very small percentage are genuine, the story says. The city’s regulation allows only two false alarms within 12 months, after which the police stop responding. But, “Obsolete computer technology and understaffing, meanwhile, have left the department as overwhelmed as ever, failing to collect millions of dollars in fines each year from often belligerent home and business owners.” Even the head of the LAPD Alarm Division, Lt. Andre Dawson, says, “The system we have now is flawed. It is totally antiquated.” Over 1 million homes and offices have alarms, city officials say. Read the full story about fines for false alarms and how the city has nearly halved its alarm response here.

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