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Dispatcher Disciplined After ‘Dies’ Comment

East Hartford (Conn.) police dispatcher Heather Clayton has been disciplined after investigators verified she went on a 10-minute verbal rant while on-duty, complaining about how her husband’s internal affairs complaint was being handled. During the rant, witnesses said she mentioned Off. Mike Weglarz, president of the officers’ union, and said, “I hope someone shoots him and he dies.” Someone reported the comment, an investigation was begun, and Clayton was given a written reprimand and about one week off with pay. Clayton’s husband was interviewed by internal affairs as a witness in a sexual harassment investigation, whose details have not been released. In a report on the incident released by the police department, Clayton, an 8-year veteran, told investigators she didn’t recall making the statement, and added, “I at no time ever meant that any type of harm would or should come to Officer Weglarz.”

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